Learn About Secondary Offerings.

A secondary offering is a public offering of securities by a company that has already gone public. The securities are sold by the company, not by the original shareholders. The company receives the money from the sale, not the shareholders. The purpose of a secondary offering is to raise more money for the company. The … Read more

What Is a Diversified Fund?

A diversified fund is a mutual fund that invests in a variety of different asset classes. This type of fund is often used as a core holding in a portfolio, as it can offer diversification and help to reduce overall risk. Diversified funds can invest in a range of different asset classes, including stocks, bonds, … Read more

How Demand Draft Works.

A demand draft is a type of check that is drawn on a bank and payable to a specific person or entity. The person or entity that initiates the demand draft is known as the drawer, and the person or entity that the demand draft is made out to is known as the payee. When … Read more