Normal Yield Curve.

A normal yield curve is a graphical representation of the relationship between interest rates and maturity dates. The normal yield curve is upward sloping, which means that longer-term debt instruments have higher yields than shorter-term instruments. The normal yield curve is also known as the “positive yield curve” because the yields on debt instruments increase … Read more


Seasonality is a feature of many time series in economics, indicating a systematic and predictable change in the value of a variable over the course of a year. The most common form of seasonality is a monthly pattern, where the value of the variable rises and falls in a predictable way over the course of … Read more

What is a premium?

A premium is an additional charge added to a person's life insurance. The client pays the insurance company so that there is an increase in the risk of her policia. Life insurance is a method to guarantee security against anything that may happen to you, you are thinking about the future. But, oddly enough, life … Read more

What is the supply chain?

The concept of supply chain refers to all the steps that take part in the preparation and distribution of a product for sale. This process deals with coordinating and planning the different tasks to be fulfilled in order to search, obtain and transform different articles with the purpose of taking it to the market and … Read more