What is CPM?

The meaning of CPM is a measure used in the field of digital marketing industry referring to the cost per thousand impressions. Advertisers who serve these types of ads set the price they want for every thousand ads published, choosing the specific ad locations where they want their campaigns to appear and pay each time … Read more

What is the journal?

The daily book of a company is used to collect day after day all the data and activities carried out by the entity in terms of economic terms. Therefore, the concept of a journal is understood as a most useful way to record day-to-day operations. The name received for each of the entries in the … Read more

What is economy of scope?

The definition of economy of scope refers to the decrease in operating expense of two or more products or services jointly by a company. In a more formal way it could be ensured that the economy of scope is that the cost per manufactured unit of creating something individually is higher than manufacturing it together … Read more