What You Need to Know About In-House Activities.

In-house activities refer to any activities or tasks that are conducted within the confines of a company or organization, as opposed to activities that are outsourced to another company. In-house activities can include anything from accounting and administrative tasks to manufacturing and production tasks. There are a few things to keep in mind when it … Read more

Why Leveraged Leases Matter.

Leveraged leases matter because they offer a way for a company to finance the purchase of an asset without having to put up all of the cash up front. Instead, the company can finance the asset with a loan and then lease it back to the owner. The owner can then use the asset and … Read more

What is human capital?

In economic terms, human capital is defined as the set of human resources with which a company has to develop its activity. Human capital is therefore a way of assessing and quantifying the personal skills of each member of the company. History of the human capital concept The term human capital arose around the XNUMXth … Read more