What is the breakeven point?

The definition of break-even, dead-end or break-even point in finance refers to the level of sales of a company to cover the costes fixed and variable. This will imply that a company, at its breakeven point, will have a profit equal to zero, where it will not lose money, but it will not earn it … Read more

What is a boycott?

A boycott is the action taken to express the refusal to enter into or continue a commercial, personal or political relationship with an individual or , due to the commission of some reprehensible fault that those involved do not agree to allow. The boycott implies that by not buying or selling a certain company, or … Read more

What is brokerage?

In the world of finance, brokerage is a kind of commission or fee that a stock market professional, called corridor, applies to a company or someone interested in investing to provide a service. The brokerage is established with a special contract called a “brokerage contract”. This contract is between a professional person in finance and … Read more