What Is a Nomination Committee?

A nomination committee is a body within a company or organization that is responsible for selecting and vetting candidates for leadership positions. The committee may be tasked with filling vacant board seats, choosing officers, or selecting candidates for other leadership roles. The nomination committee typically consists of a small group of people, often chosen by … Read more

Normal Profit Definition.

In accounting, normal profit is defined as the revenue that a business needs to generate in order to cover its costs of operation. This includes both fixed costs (such as rent and utilities) and variable costs (such as the cost of goods sold). Normal profit is also sometimes referred to as “break-even point,” because it … Read more

Consolidated Tax Return.

A consolidated tax return is a tax return filed by a group of companies that are related to each other as defined by the Internal Revenue Code. The purpose of filing a consolidated return is to allow the group to be taxed as a single entity. The consolidated return is filed by the parent company … Read more

Synthetic Lease.

A synthetic lease is a type of lease financing arrangement in which the lessee agrees to make all lease payments to a third-party lender, who in turn pays the lessor. The lessee also has the option to purchase the leased asset at the end of the lease term. The key advantage of a synthetic lease … Read more