Authorized Stock.

Authorized stock is the maximum number of shares of stock that a company is allowed to issue, as specified in its articles of incorporation. Once a company has issued all of its authorized stock, it cannot issue any more without amending its articles of incorporation. The number of authorized shares is set by the company’s … Read more

Introduction to Request for Application (RFA).

An RFA is a document used by organizations to solicit proposals from potential vendors for a specific project or initiatives. The RFA typically includes information on the organization’s requirements, the budget for the project, the timeline for completion, and other relevant details. Organizations issue RFAs when they have a specific project or initiative in mind, … Read more

Understanding Independent Outside Directors.

Independent directors are those who are not beholden to management and can provide an objective perspective on company affairs. They are typically not affiliated with the company in any way and do not have a financial stake in its success or failure. Outside directors are typically brought in from other companies to provide this independent … Read more

What is the Central Bank?

The central bank of a country is an entity with a relevant role in a country since it functions as a monetary authority, that is, has the function of issuing the money that is in circulation; In other words, you are in control of legal money. In addition to this function, other political attributions fall … Read more