What is the U.

S. National Debt Ceiling? What is the U.S. National Debt Ceiling? Who does the U. S. owe the national debt to? The U.S. national debt is the debt owed by the federal government of the United States. The national debt is the debt incurred by the Federal Government of the United States through the issue … Read more

What Is a Cross-Sell and Does It Work?

Definition and Example. A cross-sell is a marketing technique employed to encourage customers to purchase additional products or services related to those they have already purchased. For example, a retailer might offer a discount on a second pair of shoes to a customer who has just bought a pair of shoes from them. Cross-selling can … Read more

Hotelling’s Theory.

Hotelling’s theory is a theory of how businesses compete in a market where there are many buyers and sellers. The theory is named after Harold Hotelling, who first formulated it in 1929. Hotelling’s theory is based on the idea that businesses will try to locate themselves in the most advantageous position in the market. They … Read more