How the Long Tail Business Strategy Works.

The Long Tail: What It Is and How to Use It in Business Does Amazon use long tail strategy? Yes, Amazon does use a long-tail strategy. This strategy is beneficial for Amazon because it allows them to sell a large number of items that may not be in high demand. By catering to niche markets, … Read more

Dividend Per Share (DPS).

Dividend per share (DPS) is the total dividends paid out by a company over the course of a year divided by the number of shares outstanding. DPS is a popular metric used by investors to determine the dividend yield of a stock. Dividend yield is a measure of the annualized return that a shareholder would … Read more

What is dropshipping?

The meaning of dropshipping is a type of retail sale, where the retailer does not keep the goods at their facilities, but instead transfers the customer's order and shipping details to the wholesaler, who must directly dispatch the merchandise to the customer . The difference between the wholesale price and the retail price will be … Read more