Checking Account Definition.

A checking account is a type of bank account where customers can deposit and withdraw money as needed. Checking accounts are the most common type of bank account and are typically used for everyday transactions such as paying bills and shopping. Customers typically receive a debit card and checks with their checking account, which they … Read more

Over-The-Counter Exchange of India (OTCEI) Definition.

The Over-The-Counter Exchange of India (OTCEI) is a stock exchange located in Mumbai, India. It was established in 1992 and is the first stock exchange in India to trade securities through an electronic order book. OTCEI offers trading in a wide range of securities, including equities, bonds, debentures, and warrants. What is the role of … Read more

Predictive Analytics Definition.

Predictive analytics is a branch of the larger field of data analytics that deals with making predictions about future events or outcomes based on past data. Predictive analytics uses a variety of techniques from statistics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to make predictions. Predictive analytics is often used in marketing, fraud detection, and risk management. … Read more