Bond: Financial Meaning With Examples and How They Are Priced.

Bond: Financial Meaning and Pricing Examples. What is long-term bond? A long-term bond is a debt instrument with a maturity of more than 10 years. Long-term bonds are typically issued by governments and corporations to raise capital for projects with long-term horizons, such as infrastructure development. Long-term bonds typically offer higher yields than shorter-term debt … Read more

Do It Right The First Time (DRIFT).

The term “Do It Right The First Time” (DRIFT) is used to describe a situation in which an organization or individual fails to properly account for something during the initial stages of a project or endeavor. This can lead to significant problems down the road, as the organization or individual will likely have to go … Read more

Rabbi Trust Definition.

A rabbi trust is a trust created by a corporation for the benefit of its employees. The trust is named after the first person to use it, Rabbi Irving Kristol. A rabbi trust is used to hold assets for the benefit of employees. The assets in the trust are not considered part of the corporation’s … Read more