Chief Risk Officer (CRO).

The Chief Risk Officer (CRO) is responsible for identifying, managing and monitoring the risks faced by the company. The CRO works closely with the Board of Directors and executive management to ensure that the company’s risk management policies and procedures are effective. The CRO is responsible for ensuring that the company complies with all applicable … Read more

What is a figurehead?

The concept of front man refers to a person who takes responsibility or assumes the ownership of a business or contract that actually belongs to another individual. In this way, he lends his identity, providing his name, bank accounts or other possessions in order to conceal another person. The figurehead is also known as the … Read more

What are fallen angels?

The term fallen angels (or fallen angels) refers to companies that issued bonds with a certain investment grade but have become "Junk bonds"due to the weakening of the financial situation of a country. This happens if the income that was dedicated to a bond is reduced by external reasons. If to this is added the … Read more