Term Out.

The term “term out” refers to the process of extending the maturity date of a debt instrument. This can be done by issuing a new debt instrument with a longer maturity date, or by entering into a swap agreement with another party. What is a rollover loan? A rollover loan is a type of loan … Read more

What is a Risk Map?

Risk maps are prevention methods that help detect new risks and threats to your business activity. They are used to raise the current situation of the business against the economic and social situation that surrounds it, what negative aspects may affect and how to solve them. Objectives of the risk map If you wonder what … Read more

What is an award?

The definition of an award is the concept that is used in the field of law to refer to the resolution issued by an arbitrator that allows to settle a conflict between two or more parties. The arbitrator's ruling can be compared to a judge's sentence, although the jurisprudence of this is established by law … Read more