Sizing up Knowledge Capital.

The term “sizing up knowledge capital” refers to the process of assessing the value of knowledge and intellectual assets within an organization. This includes evaluating the quantity and quality of knowledge, as well as the organizational structures and processes in place to support knowledge management. The goal is to identify areas where knowledge capital can … Read more

Prepackaged Bankruptcy.

Prepackaged bankruptcies are corporate bankruptcies in which the debtor company and its creditors develop and agree upon a reorganization plan prior to filing for bankruptcy. This type of bankruptcy allows the company to avoid some of the costly and time-consuming aspects of traditional bankruptcy proceedings. Prepackaged bankruptcies are typically used when a company is facing … Read more

Warranty of Title.

When you purchase a piece of property, the seller is warranting (guaranteeing) that they are the rightful owner of the property and have the legal right to sell it to you. This is important because if the seller does not actually own the property or if there are other claims on the property, you could … Read more

What is a preferential agreement?

When there are preferential agreements, we can intuit that there is a mutual reduction pact of duty between two or more countries. This means that, thanks to the reduction of tariffs from one country to another, countries will reduce or modify their tariffs objectively among themselves. However, the existence of preferential agreements does not have … Read more