Constant Proportion Portfolio Insurance (CPPI) Definition.

CPPI is a portfolio insurance strategy in which an investor buys and holds a portfolio of investments, and periodically rebalances the portfolio to maintain a constant proportion of the portfolio in each investment. The strategy is designed to protect the portfolio from losses while still allowing the investor to participate in the upside potential of … Read more

Subordinated Debt Definition.

Subordinated debt is debt that ranks below other debt instruments in terms of priority for repayment in the event of a liquidation or bankruptcy. In the event of a liquidation, subordinated debt holders only receive proceeds after senior debt holders have been paid in full. In a bankruptcy, subordinated debt holders may only receive payment … Read more

Exposure Draft.

An exposure draft (ED) is a preliminary version of a document that is distributed by an organization for the purpose of soliciting feedback from stakeholders. The feedback is used to improve the document before it is finalized. Exposure drafts are often used by organizations when they are developing new accounting standards or when they are … Read more