Downside Definition.

The downside definition is a technical term used in macroeconomics that refers to the level of economic activity below which a recession is said to occur. The downside definition is typically used by economists in order to measure the depth and severity of a recession. How can downside risk be reduced? There are a number … Read more

What Are Dark Pools?

How They Work, Critiques, and Examples. What are dark pools? How they work? Critiques? Examples? Does Schwab use dark pool? Yes, Schwab uses dark pool trading. Dark pool trading is a type of trading that takes place away from public exchanges. This allows traders to buy and sell shares without affecting the public market. Dark … Read more

What is a stockbroker?

A definition of a broker-dealer is the entity or individual recognized by the stock exchange to carry out the operations of purchase and sale of transferable securities. The aforementioned agent will act on the exchange always thinking of the client's interests. To understand this term a little better, we must stop at the explanation of … Read more