What Is Intangible Personal Property?

Intangible personal property is a type of personal property that does not have a physical form. It includes things like patents, copyrights, and trademarks. Intangible personal property is often very valuable, even though it cannot be seen or touched. What is the meaning of intangible items? Intangible items are items that lack physical form and … Read more

What Is an Available Balance?

“Available balance” is the funds in your account that are available to you at any given time. This includes any funds that have been deposited into your account, as well as any funds that have been cleared for withdrawal. It does not include any funds that are currently being held by the bank, such as … Read more

What is an organization chart?

When we speak of an organization chart, we refer to a graphic representation of a company or organization, configured as a hierarchical and functional diagram. That is, a diagram, in which the different positions of the company are represented, from the top to the bottom. Blocks are usually established, based on functions or other criteria. … Read more