What Is an Installment Sale?

Installment sales are a type of sales contract where the buyer pays for the property or goods in periodic payments, rather than in one lump sum. The seller records the sale as revenue when each payment is received. How do you record accounts receivable? Assuming you would like to know how to record accounts receivable … Read more

What Is the Legal Lending Limit?

The legal lending limit is the maximum amount of money that a person can borrow from a financial institution. The limit is set by law and is designed to protect consumers from taking on too much debt. The limit typically applies to unsecured loans, such as personal loans and credit cards. What interest rate is … Read more

What Is Computer Abuse?

Computer abuse refers to any illegal activity that involves the use of a computer. This can include things like hacking into someone else’s computer to steal their personal information, using a computer to commit fraud or identity theft, or creating and distributing computer viruses. What are 3 computer crimes? 1. Identity theft: This is when … Read more

What Is a Broker Of Record?

The broker of record is the insurance broker that an insured has designated to represent them with their insurance carrier. The broker of record is responsible for placement of the insurance coverage, handling premium payments, and servicing the account. If the insured wants to change insurance companies, they must first notify their current broker of … Read more

Lost Policy Release (LPR) Definition.

A lost policy release (LPR) is a type of insurance policy that is no longer active or in force. This can happen for a variety of reasons, such as the policyholder failing to make premium payments, the policy lapsing, or the policy being cancelled. An LPR can also occur when an insurance company goes out … Read more