Understanding Mosaic Theory.

Mosaic theory is a tool used by fundamental analysts to help them better understand a company and its share price. By looking at a company’s financials, analysts can build a “mosaic” of the company, which can help them identify trends and predict future performance. Mosaic theory is based on the idea that a company is … Read more

Social Justice Definition.

The term “social justice” is often used interchangeably with “economic justice.” While the two terms are similar, there is a subtle but important distinction between them. Economic justice refers to the fair and just distribution of resources and opportunities within a society. It is about ensuring that everyone has an equal chance to participate in … Read more

What is a blind broker?

The concept of blind broker refers to financial intermediaries who, without taking positions on their own account, take part in the mercado of debt by disseminating quotes without ever revealing the name of the other party and matching operations between the different entities that participate in the negotiation. In everything they maintain the anonymity of … Read more