USD Definition.

The USD definition is a set of rules which govern how the US Dollar is traded on the foreign exchange market. These rules are designed to protect the value of the dollar and to ensure that it is traded fairly. The USD definition is also known as the US Dollar Index, or the DXY. What … Read more

Liability Matching Definition.

Liability matching is the process of investing in assets that will generate returns that are in line with the payments that need to be made on a liability. This is often done in order to minimize the risk that the liability will not be paid off. For example, if someone has a mortgage with a … Read more

What Is a Writ of Execution?

A writ of execution is a court order that allows a sheriff or other law enforcement officer to seize the property of a person who owes money to another person or entity. The writ of execution must be signed by a judge and delivered to the sheriff, who then posts a notice of sale. The … Read more