What is the monetary system?

We understand that today a monetary system is the set of mechanisms that a country uses to create and manufacture money and its subsequent regulation. Furthermore, monetary systems are controlled with the presence and intervention of regulatory entities. Such as the Bank of Spain or the European Central Bank. The mission of these entities in … Read more

What is a transaction?

The meaning of transaction is the operation of a different type that is carried out between two or more parties and that implies the exchange of goods or services in exchange for the corresponding capital. The term transaction can be used in different areas of everyday life, but it is generally used for operations of … Read more

What is statistical inference?

Static or statistical inference inference is a branch of the statistics which is responsible for drawing general conclusions from a part of the statistical population (that is, the object of study, which can be made up of a set of individuals, objects or phenomena). The objective of statistical inference is to obtain a series of … Read more

What is a CMP?

The new regulations that regulate data protection are causing companies to adapt their privacy policies to stay within the legal framework and not commit infringements that may have serious consequences. The main issue focuses on Consent Management, or consent management, a fundamental concept with the new General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD), which obliges companies to … Read more