Capital gain

The term capital gain is defined as the positive benefits obtained from a sale or economic transaction.

In other words, goodwill is the increase in value of a good or product that means a profit for its owner.

In real estate terms, the capital gain would be the positive difference between the purchase price of the property and the sale price. From the tax point of view, capital gains are taxed as taxes in personal income tax and in corporation tax, depending on the nature of the taxpayer.

If we refer to the sale of a real estate, the payment of the municipal capital gain is made at the City Hall where the property is located and is annual. The necessary data are: the cadastral reference of the house that appears in the Real Estate Tax, the exact date of the house purchase and the date of the sale, with all this documentation the calculation is made in the cadastral office.

Learn how to calculate capital gains tax to know the amount you will have to pay if you sell a property.

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