What is economic cooperation?

Today, economic cooperation is one of the most important challenges to be addressed in the sphere of vertical cooperation between nations. Although it tends to be used as a synonym for financial cooperation, business cooperation and even productive cooperation, there are a number of characteristics that help to clearly define the concept of economic cooperation. … Read more

What is Employer Branding?

The concept of employer branding refers to the construction, by companies, of a brand as an employer, aimed at workers. It is based on the creation of strategies and actions that generate a positive image in the people who work for the company, and that have an impact on the labor market. Benefits of employer … Read more

What is ecodesign?

Ecodesign is the design that considers actions that are aimed at improving a product or service in a more environmental aspect. This will be achieved throughout all stages of its life cycle (from when it is created to when it is disposed of as waste). It should be said that the concept of ecodesign is … Read more