What is a joint administrator?

We are referring to the case in which the company's administrative body is attributed to a plurality of administrators who do not constitute a board of directors, that is, who should not adopt their decisions collectively, according to the voting rules attributed by agreement with current regulations according to the type of company, and the … Read more

What is work?

Work comes from the verb work. We can define it as the set of activities carried out by a person in order to achieve a goal, solve problems or produce goods and / or services for humans. Work gives the possibility of achieving dreams, goals and objectives in life, depending on the person who performs … Read more

What is jurisprudence?

A definition of jurisprudence is the set of court decisions and sentences that form one of the sources of law and a precedent for the resolution of cases in the future. When the judge dictates a sentence, he sets a parameter for future similar occasions where justice must be issued, since jurisprudence consists of the … Read more

What is a Joint Venture?

Joint Venture is the Anglo-Saxon term used to refer to the agreement between two or more companies that pool their resources in order to complete a common task or reach the same goal. This task or objective can be to launch a new project or any other type of business activity. In Spanish it is … Read more