What is a post-print pixel?

The meaning of pixel post-impression, in English post view, refers to one of the attribution methods of a conversion. The moment a user observes one of your display ads Digital receives a post-printing cookie that will have all the data about the web page and the moment the campaign was viewed, without the need to … Read more

What is the invoice number?

The invoice number is the unique code that identifies each invoice and the difference from any other. For the invoices made to have an official validity, the Law requires that they must have an invoice number, so that there cannot be two invoices with the same number. The bills They must be ordered by the … Read more

What is virality?

When we speak of virality, we are referring to a mode of indirect transmission of information over the Internet. The characteristic of virality is that transmissions multiply in a short space of time. Content virality Such virality is based on the fact that the recipients of the information can in turn transmit it to their … Read more

What is guerilla marketing?

Guerrilla marketing is an advertising strategy that uses unconventional techniques and requires a minimum investment to obtain the widest media coverage through these proposals. This system, therefore, does things that others do not and tries to surprise the user with unusual actions that in some cases are not considered as advertising. A guerrilla marketing campaign … Read more

What is Bullionism?

The term comes from the word "bullion" which means ingot, introduced in the mercantilist thought of the Modern Age. Specifically, thebullionismo It is an economic theory that measures the wealth of a country depending on the amount of precious metals it has. Likewise, bullionism is a mercantilist current and recognizes other variants similar to it. … Read more

What are Blue chips?

By the name of blue chips, it refers to the stocks of financially sound corporations, with a good track record, that have a reputation for quality, profitability and reliability. The market value of these companies usually exceeds 1.000 billion. They are known companies, at least, among the three most important in their sector; and, frequently, … Read more

What is coworking?

One meaning of coworking is the way of working that allows entrepreneurs, SMEs and independent professionals from different sectors to share the same workspace independently, but always with the possibility of generating synergies. In recent years it has become a very interesting option for new entrepreneurs, since they can have an office without having to … Read more

What is cybersecurity?

User data information is a topic that is up to date due to the importance that has been given in recent years. So much so, that laws such as the LOPD or others that ensure user safety have been modified so that this area is improved. Specifically, cybersecurity or internet security refers to the set … Read more

What is a pea?

The term chicharro is a vulgar term that refers to that which is small (by number of workers or turnover), operates on the stock market and has high volatility and low liquidity. In general, and from what we have indicated, this company tends to present a low valuation and a high risk if it is … Read more