What does MRR mean?

Monthly Recurring Income or MRR (for its acronym in English Monthly Recurring Revenue) are those ingresos that are repeated from time to time and that become necessary income for the business. For us to have MRR it is necessary that our product or the service is acquired by our clients continuously or from time to … Read more

What is the economy?

The broad concept of economics can be defined in many ways depending on which author we read, as there are different visions or points of view. However, economics is a science that deals with the study of production, extraction, exchange, distribution, consumption and any other activity that involves the goods and services (wealth creation) that … Read more

What is e-recruiting?

The concept of e-recruitment refers to the selection and hiring of personnel through the Internet. This term is also known as Internet recruiting or online recruitmen. The origin of this term dates back to the last decade of the last century, and throughout it it has been occupying an increasingly important place among companies. Its … Read more