What is the National Consumer Price Index?

INPC is the abbreviation of the National Consumer Price Index, which is nothing more than an economic indicator that measures the change that occurs in the goods and services consumed by the households of a country in a certain specific time. Thanks to this data, important trends can be known about the evolution of a … Read more

What is a royalty?

The royalty term refers to the payment of an economic amount that one person owes another due to the fact that a right that does not belong to them is economically exploited, but to the person who is going to pay them. contraprestación. Those assets that generally tend to generate royalties more frequently (and the … Read more

What is a leveraged buyout (LBO)?

The leveraged buyout term (LBO) refers to the purchase of a company through external debt. Together with all the money, the complete sum is the one that finalizes the purchase of said company. As leverage, assets (such as goods) of the company to be acquired are used mainly, this allows to ensure the purchase and … Read more