What is the acid test?

The definition of acid test, known in English as quick ratio, is the accounting ratio that indicates the liquidity o solvency of a short-term company. The assets of the business and how they are financed are reflected in the company's balance sheet. You can check if there is any mismatch in the accounts if there … Read more

What is the McKinsey Matrix?

The Mckinsey Matrix is ​​used to evaluate the attractiveness between different markets in order to build an optimal business portfolio. This tool is used to evaluate the positioning that takes a product or service in a certain market and to be able to verify the company if it is convenient or not to stay in … Read more

What is the coefficient of determination?

The coefficient of determination, a concept of statistics Also called R squared (or R²), it represents the proportion of total variance of the variable that explains the regression. In other words, this term tries to explain the goodness of the fit of a model to the variable it intends to analyze. This coefficient can offer … Read more

What is a database?

The term database first emerged in 1963. In principle, a database is a set of information, but for this information to be considered a database it must meet a series of characteristics and requirements regarding its content. and structure. A database is, therefore, a set of information that meets a series of characteristics in order … Read more