What is the National Consumer Price Index?

INPC is the abbreviation of the National Consumer Price Index, which is nothing more than an economic indicator that measures the change that occurs in the goods and services consumed by the households of a country in a certain specific time. Thanks to this data, important trends can be known about the evolution of a … Read more

What is retirement?

It is the action in which a person ceases their work activities and becomes inactive for different reasons, such as age or physical problems that prevent them from continuing to work. At the end of your Laboral life people have no income from their work. That is why retirees receive a monthly pension for life. … Read more

What is a coinsurance?

Co-insurance is a certain insurance that coexists with two or more insurance companies and that allows sharing the responsibility of a certain risk. In this way, for a specific period of time, companies must assume the risk and before that you have agreed with a customer. The main objective of coinsurance is to be able … Read more

What is a securities company?

A Securities Company is a investment services that has the capacity to offer financial intermediation and investment services in Spain. It is a type of investment services company that offers more activities and functions. Securities companies can offer the widest range of stock market services that the law has established: portfolio management, financial intermediation or … Read more