What is the treasury?

The treasury of a company is the area in charge of managing, organizing and controlling operations that have to do with cash flow or monetary flow. Therefore, the concept of treasury is understood as the set of activities related to the accounting of the company in which the bank or cash records are taken into … Read more

What is reciprocity?

When we talk about international relations, there is a great world of possibilities that must be studied: from treaties, to agreements, alliances, pacts, etc. All this makes society more homogeneous and secure when it comes to being what it is, a society. Today we are going to talk about one of the most important concepts … Read more

What is a tax shield?

When we talk about the tax shield, we refer to the expense that is reduced from the income statement of a company in order to obtain the value of the profit before taxes (BAT). It is a value that is inversely proportional to the BAT: the higher the tax shield (expenses), the lower the result … Read more

What is the change in inventories?

The meaning of inventory variation in accounting is the difference between the stocks (mercaderías, materials and other supplies) at the beginning of an accounting year and those that exist at the end of that year. In some way it deals with analyzing the variation of the inventory that a company has in its warehouse. Inventories … Read more

Bank reserve

The bank reserve is a percentage of the total that banks receive, which they must keep permanently, either in cash in their boxes or in their accounts at the National or Republic Bank. The purpose of the reserve is to guarantee the return of money to the bank's savers or clients in case they request … Read more

What is a guarantee?

A guarantee is a contract by means of which a unilateral solidarity commitment is established by which a person will benefit from the payment of obligations. Therefore, in any bank guarantee the main participants of the guarantee contract will be three: the person requesting said aid, the debtor; on the other hand, the person who … Read more

What is SEO?

SEO is a term that comes from English, specifically from the expression Search Engine Optimization, which translated into Spanish would be Search Engine Optimization. It refers to the set of techniques used to improve the search engine position of a web page. These techniques will vary according to the algorithms used by each search engine … Read more

What is working capital?

The definition of working capital, also known as working capital or revolving fund, are the financial resources long-term that a company requires to develop its activity in the short term. The concept of working capital is also understood as the part of the current assets It is financed through long-term resources and which come from … Read more

What is CIRBE?

The Risk Information Center of the Bank of Spain, also known as CIRBE, is a public service that manages a database in which most of the credits, guarantees, loans and risks that financial institutions have with their clients. This could be a perfect definition of cirbe, which refers to all the information that banks have … Read more

What is a securities company?

A Securities Company is a investment services that has the capacity to offer financial intermediation and investment services in Spain. It is a type of investment services company that offers more activities and functions. Securities companies can offer the widest range of stock market services that the law has established: portfolio management, financial intermediation or … Read more