What is an incentive?

When we talk about this term, we are referring to a general concept that alerts us to the urge to want or do something. Specifically, the incentive is what drives us to want or do something, whether it be something real (monetary or in kind) or something symbolic (something representative for exchangers). When we are … Read more

What is the IBRD?

The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development or also known as IBRD for its acronym, is one of the five benches that make up the World Bank. The IBRD is, according to its own creators, the largest development bank in the world. The World Bank is in turn an international organization that acts as a … Read more

What is an action?

A share is part of the total capital in which a company is divided. Each institution is made up of a certain number of shares that will be distributed among its partners. And, each of these actions may be freely transmitted between their shareholders. Therefore, the true meaning of an action gives rise to an … Read more

What is a quality seal?

Quality seals are hallmarks that demonstrate the quality of a service or product, becoming very useful tools for the user, who can thus entrust their purchase to a good product. Behind a quality seal there is the endorsement of an official authority. This body will establish the conditions that the service or product must have … Read more

What is engagement?

The term engagement is used in the business world to define the level of involvement and commitment of a worker with his organization. A translation of engagement can be loyalty or commitment. An employee's engagement is reflected in the results of their work and in the level of involvement, translating at the same time into … Read more

What are SMART goals?

The Smart model, also known as Smart lenses, was developed in 1981 by Professor George T. Dorian. In order to create a system that would serve to fix goals. Smart objectives help companies achieve their goals. The term Smart objectives comes from the acronym in English of the words Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, in Time. … Read more

What is AIDA?

AIDA is the acronym for the English terms attention, (attention), interest (interest), desire (desire) and action (action). The acronym AIDA is used to define the sequence of effects that an advertising claim should produce on the viewer. For this to pass and become a user or customer. The AIDA model therefore represents the effects of … Read more

What is a business spin-off?

The meaning of spin-off is the process by which a new company arises from an already existing one. Over time, the newly formed company will be spun off from the parent entity, which acted as incubator, and will acquire commercial and legal independence. The spin-off concept can be defined as a business strategy that aims … Read more

What is an individual entrepreneur?

The concept of the individual entrepreneur, also known as autonomic o individual company is a natural person who is engaged in an economic or professional activity on his own account. By the definition of individual entrepreneur we understand that there is no fragmentation at the legal or juridical level of what the owner and the … Read more

What are financial statements?

Financial statements are a reflection of the loyalty of a company. They are part of a document or report that compiles precise data on the accounting of a company. Within the definition of the financial statements we also have to take into account that the stipulated period of time to calculate them is developed annually. … Read more