Definition of Salary

When managing the accounting of a business, the wages or salaries of the workers constitute a fundamental part. The salary or salary is the payment that a worker receives periodically for the performance of their tasks. The remuneration of this work is the result of the commitment between employee and employer through the formalization of a contract, by which the employer pays a salary in exchange for the work and effort of its employees, either in the creation of a good or a service provision.

Depending on the conditions of the contract, the salary can include remuneration in kind and can be paid daily (under the name of "wage"), weekly or monthly. Likewise, it can include a first part, extraordinary payments, payment for overtime, special remuneration for night work or dangerousness of the job, etc.

With this, the concept of salary seeks to economically value the performance of the work by the employee, at the same time that it supposes a method to motivate workers and a way of negotiating between workers and employees when retaining certain workers within the business.

La nĂ³mina It is the document that is generally used to justify the payment of wages and salaries to workers.

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