What Are Deliverables?

In business, a deliverable is a product or service that is provided to a customer, client or stakeholder as part of a project or contract. Deliverables can be tangible or intangible.

Tangible deliverables are physical products that can be touch, seen or used, such as a report, a software application, or a designed product. Intangible deliverables are concepts or ideas, such as a strategy, an analysis, or a process.

Deliverables are typically outlined in a project's scope of work or statement of work. They are often adhered to by using a work breakdown structure, which is a tool that project managers use to map out and track the progress of a project.

Deliverables are important because they represent the end goal of a project. They are often used to measure the success or failure of a project.

What are acceptable deliverables? There are many factors to consider when deciding what constitutes an acceptable deliverable for your small business. Some of the most important factors include the nature of your business, the size of your team, the scope of your project, and the timeline for completion.

In general, an acceptable deliverable is any output from your team that meets the quality standards and requirements set forth by your client or customers. This could include anything from a completed project to a progress report or even a simple question or answer. The key is that the deliverable must be something that your client or customer finds valuable and that meets their expectations.

Of course, there will always be some degree of flexibility when it comes to what is considered an acceptable deliverable. For example, a small business owner may be willing to accept a lower quality deliverable if it means meeting a tight deadline. Alternatively, a business owner may be willing to sacrifice some degree of quality if it means getting a better price. Ultimately, it is up to the small business owner to decide what is an acceptable deliverable for their particular situation.

What are unique deliverables? There is no definitive answer to this question as it will vary depending on the nature of the business and the specific project being undertaken. However, some examples of unique deliverables that could be provided by a small business might include:

-A bespoke product or service that is not readily available elsewhere
-A new and innovative solution to a problem
-A customized approach to a project or problem
-A uniq What are primary deliverables? In business, a primary deliverable is a product or service that is essential to the success of a project. For example, if you are contracted to build a house, the primary deliverable would be the house itself. Other deliverables might include a blueprint of the house, a schedule of materials and labor, and a budget.

What are deliverables in business analysis?

In business analysis, deliverables are documents that capture the results of the business analysis work. They are produced throughout the business analysis process, and typically include a requirements document, a business case, and a project charter. Are deliverables and outputs the same? Deliverables and outputs are not the same. Deliverables are products or services that are delivered to the customer or client. Outputs are the result of a process, and may or may not be delivered to the customer or client.