What are supplies?

The definition of supplies is linked to the action of supplying, of providing someone with something they need. In economic terms, the concept of supplies is used as a synonym for supply.

It consists of an activity that is developed with the purpose of satisfying the consumption needs of an economic structure, either , family, etc. Said supply must be made in a timely manner.

There are industries and companies that are concerned with supplying a series of articles and services. The concept of supply not only affects food, although it is the most demanded and needed by users, since there is a wide variety of products for specific use in a sector or for general demand that are also supplied to different spaces. enabled so that they can reach the final consumer.

Supply is usually linked to events that occur in the economy. A situation of inflation It causes a shortage or a reduced supply of certain items since the products retain them in the face of the unstoppable growth of prices.

Steps in the supply chain

The phases that make up the supply chain are execution, compliance and resolution. This chain encompasses the procedures for the exchange of materials and information that take place within an organization or outside in front of clients and Suppliers. Therefore, it associates all the actors that are in charge of providing goods and services.

The supply chain begins with unprocessed raw materials and ends with finished products that reach the end customer. The different phases are under the administration of logistics, which is the set of means to develop the organization of a service or company. To ensure the correct development of the supply chain it is necessary to guarantee the stock level.

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