What is a blind broker?

The concept of blind broker refers to financial intermediaries who, without taking positions on their own account, take part in the mercado of debt by disseminating quotes without ever revealing the name of the other party and matching operations between the different entities that participate in the negotiation. In everything they maintain the anonymity of both.

The blind market is a market that works through intermediaries who provide the prices of the buyers and sellers, without the latter having knowledge of who the counterparts are. These brókers They perform the link function, presenting the purchase and sale prices of their clients, where operations take place through a platform where they are kept anonymous.

In this blind market, in addition to the brokers, there are also two other actors, such as sellers and buyers. The former are usually individuals or entities willing to sell something, be it a service or a good, while buyers are those who show interest in acquiring something provided by the blind market.

Between them two are located in the role of intermediary the blind brokers, who are in charge of presenting to both parties all the data related to the prices and conditions of the operation. For this, there must be a platform where the presentation of offers and demands takes place. At present electronic means are handled, where the parties involved can act through the links.

Participants in this blind market are required to quote buy and sell prices through the platform managed by the brokers. These actions are carried out with total freedom through the Financial intermediaries without there being knowledge of the identity of the other party that participates in the process.

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