What is a check?

We call check to the document used as a means of payment by which a person orders an entity to pay a certain amount to another (person or company).
We find checks of different types:

  • Personal check: issued against a person's checking account. The holders of these accounts will be given a personalized check book to use as a means of payment.
  • Conformed check: it is another form of personal check in which the entity ensures the existence of funds to execute the payment.
  • Bank check: it is issued by the bank that must pay it.
  • Check against the account of the Bank of Spain: this check will be paid by the Bank of Spain, so, as with the check made, they reinforce the payment guarantees.
  • Counter or cashier's check: issued by the bank. It is not a means of payment, it is a document that the client signs as proof that they have received cash from their account.
  • Traveller's check: it can be exchanged for cash and used as a means of payment almost anywhere in the world.

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