What is a check to order and what is it used for?

You may have heard of checks made to order, as they are very common when these documents are interfered with. A check to order is that document that can be endorsed to a third person so that it can be cashed.

For this to work, there must be a written declaration with the signature and consent of this act in the same document that is transferred. In the event that the document is to the carrier, it would not be necessary for the authorization to specify that that document is transferred to that person.

By endorsing a check and establishing the conditions that we have described above allows us that it can be transferred to another person with total, either natural or legal person. Normally, it is endorsed indicating in some part of the title (in the back, by space) that the right of collection is transferred to such person, this person being the only person who can use said title.

To mention some characteristics of this document, we highlight:

  • The document or check can be used as a means of payment of certain debts that were pending.
  • The amount of money that is promised on the check can be withdrawn to be cashed or can also be deposited into a bank account. Combining both options is also possible.
  • Obviously, in order to cash this check, it is necessary to identify ourselves as the person indicated in the document. To do this, we must identify ourselves with an official document or from the financial institution in question.

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