What is a KPI?

KPI is the acronym for Key Performance Indicators, which translated into Spanish could be key performance indicators. KPI indicators are used to quantify the results of a specific strategy or action according to set objectives. Through this system it is possible to measure the success of the actions.

KPI in marketing

In online marketing the concept of KPI is essential, since in this area quite often very different goals are set such as improving the engagement of the contents of a website or increase the online reputation of the company.

To understand it a little better, we detail below a series of examples of KPIS in the world of marketing:

  • Number of daily visits to the website: the main indicator of success on the Internet resides in the volume of website traffic. The KPI can be quantified through free tools like Analytics.
  • Number of monthly sales: For most sales managers this is the main KPI. And it is that most of the marketing actions carried out by companies are focused on increasing sales.
  • Number of followers on social networks: this KPI is an indicator of the influence of a firm.

In the sales chapter, KPIs also help to achieve a competitive advantage in relation to the competition. Among the main indicators are:

  • Sale: compliance with Sales goals they are the best indicator of a professional's performance.
  • Conversion rate: you have to assess what percentage of the people you contact end up becoming a customer. This will demonstrate the effectiveness of the sales department.
  • Customer loyalty: in addition to attracting the customer, you also have to retain it. In this case, a follow-up would have to be done by measuring the number of users who buy more than once. For this, it would be necessary to attend to the client's needs by maintaining contact on a regular basis.

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