What is a non-repayable loan?

Non-repayable loans, also known as non-refundable grants or non-repayable grants, are a good option if we want to start our business and we don't know how. It's about a loan which is granted by the Government of a country in question and which is used to finance our project.

Normally, this type of loan does not require its return, as it is assumed that it will be a lost fund (money that is invested and will no longer be recovered, or that it is not known for sure if it can be recovered).

These types of subsidies are granted by the governments of the countries in which it is necessary to move the country's economy in a way that generates activity in it and reactivates the economy again. Therefore, these benefits will be received by the companies who wish to increase their productive capacities while generating new jobs.

It is also common for the country to grant this type of grant aid to its most disadvantaged areas, either because they have been affected by the crisis more than the rest, because unemployment is high in them, or because they have been hit by a natural phenomenon that has left them in a complicated situation (such as an earthquake, a tsunami, etc.).

On many occasions, to be able to access this type of projects or business ideas you need to have a good idea to present. It is about offering a solution to a problem in a specific area of ​​the country, presenting an economic and financial viability in the business idea that justifies the granting of the subsidy. That is why the idea should not arise with the intention of obtaining the economic amount, but for the simple fact of helping on your own initiative.

However, one of the alternatives that arises if the non-repayable loan is not obtained is to obtain a personal loan with which to cover the necessary investment.

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