What is a post-print pixel?

The meaning of pixel post-impression, in English post view, refers to one of the attribution methods of a conversion. The moment a user observes one of your display ads Digital receives a post-printing cookie that will have all the data about the web page and the moment the campaign was viewed, without the need to click on the banner. By simply viewing it, the post-printing pixel will store the cookie.

Thus, if after browsing different websites, the user ends up making the purchase on your website, the post impression pixel will inform you where and when the ad has been observed, which will help you attribute the conversion.

How the post-print pixel works

This method is basic to know where the conversion comes from. The process is that simple:

  1. An cookie is inserted into the campaign.
  2. The users who see the ad are marked by the cookie, which will begin to track those users. The pixel is activated regardless of whether they press the ad or not.
  3. User navigation continues, even for several days.
  4. At the moment you make the purchase, which is the action determined to be counted as a conversion, this post-printing pixel will allow you to recognize the user with the campaign launched. The pixel has a limited period of operation, ranging from one day to 90.

To better understand the concept of the post-print pixel we will use an example. By launching a campaign of digital marketing industry to sell shoes through your online store you will use banners advertising on various websites. When entering these pages, the ad for your products will be displayed and the user will be marked by the pixel you have entered, without having to click on it.

They may or may not be interested in your offer, but if you continue browsing, the cookie will remain active in your browser. If he decides to make the purchase later, he will go to your page and once the purchase is made, you will send him a thank you page, which will determine the last step of the process. It will be the one that puts the post-printing pixel in contact with the cookies and the one that sends the information regarding the post-printing pixel that you set to the client.

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