What is a Prescriber?

A prescriber is a person who has the ability to influence the people around him when he speaks or comments on a product or business.

This concept may resemble that ofbrand ambassador, Although it is not the same because this figure does not have to be someone with a lot of fame, but someone who gives a representative image of the sector that he promotes or criticizes.

On the other hand, this concept can also be confused with that ofinfluencer, high-powered figures in social networks and who have some power to influence their masses. They differ from them in that the audience they represent is smaller, they do not have as much power of influence and that, on the contrary, the product or idea is well known (due to proximity or costumbrismo).

What is a prescriber for?

The main objective of the prescriber is to improve the image of the brand that he promotes or makes known. It is important that the criticism made by the prescriber is constructive and positive, avoiding the discredit and misinterpretations that may arise.

The prescriber can serve as an additional channel to the to develop their products, such as advertising, social networks or sponsorships. The difference is that a prescriber is more credible than the previous ones.

Basic characteristics of a prescriber in marketing

Prescribers have the following common characteristics:

  • They have experience: they know the product and talk about it
  • Their message is usually positive and constructive
  • They do not play the role ofinfluencers, so the masses you are targeting are not that large
  • Your audience is smaller
  • They do not have to receive financial compensation for what they do, although they sometimes receive certain products for free

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