What is a refund?

Refund is a term that can be applied in a general way in some commercial transaction or in the financial operations investment and bag.

In commercial transactions and sales operations, reimbursement refers to the return of an amount of money or material goods that a person had given to pay for a product or a service. In this case, the refund occurs because there has been an error in the transaction, an accident or a mismanagement of the sale and because the product or service could not be insured in the way that the buyer wanted.

Reimbursement is a right that all buyers or clients can demand in the event that the sale and purchase service could not be completed. It must be borne in mind that a seller can reject the refund to the buyer if the latter accepted at the time the loss of the possibility of refunding the money or the good.

If the seller is a large company or institution, the refund of money is not a problem, since it does not affect the accounts of the same. However, if the company is small or medium-sized, it may have problems financing this reimbursement, so the replacement of the product or service with a similar one will be used.

Reimbursement in stock market operations

In stock trading, repayment refers to the recovery of all or part of the capital that an investor placed as Investment fund, that is, the return or payment of an issue of securities or a debt. The investment management company will have to make the reimbursement within a maximum of three days from the request for the same, as long as the reimbursements do not exceed 300.000 euros, which will then be made within a period of ten days.

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