What is a solicitor?

The figure of the attorney refers to a lawyer who represents the client before the court in the field of legal proceedings. This person is in charge of receiving the notifications that may be generated in a legal process, such as the notification of judgments, orders, etc. It also deals with the presentation of the briefs prepared by the lawyer. To a certain extent, in the definition of a prosecutor, their role as intermediary between the court and each of the parties in a process should be highlighted.

The main mission of the attorney is the technical representation of the citizens involved in a judicial procedure, before the court that hears their case, and performs this function, collaborating with the different jurisdictional bodies. At the same time that it watches over the interests of its client, carries out procedures such as notifications, streamlines the different judicial processes, pays the expenses of the process by managing the provisiĆ³n of funds made by the represented and attends the procedural acts representing the client.

Duties of the attorney

Within the judicial proceedings, the attorney has the following functions:

  • Represents litigants in legal proceedings, that is, in court and in court.
  • It deals with processing those court orders that can be directed, for example, to property, commercial, notary, etc. registries.
  • Another task will be the publication of official announcements in the BOE or the official bulletin of the autonomous community, as well as in the newspapers.
  • It deals with the physical presentation of the writings prepared by the lawyer.
  • It will carry out the management and payment of the different court fees, in addition to the management and payments of the deposits that are legally claimed to file resources.
  • You must transmit the documentation, background and instructions to the lawyer.
  • Take all the necessary actions to defend the interests of your client, so you should keep him informed of the status of the process, at the same time as his lawyer.
  • In the case of not being able to comply with any of the actions, they will have to notify the court.
  • Receipt and signature of the citations, requirements, locations and notifications.
  • It takes care of calculating deadlines and maturities, reminding the lawyer, notifying him of the dates of the trials, hearings and appearances.

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