What is a tagline?

In terms of marketingBeing resourceful, recurring and having a sense of humor is essential to be able to carry out certain strategies.

You may know the concept of a slogan, as it represents the text that accompanies the campaign launched by a company. The term tagline is something similar to the slogan, since it represents a text, a short phrase that represents not a campaign, but a the brand.

Therefore, the tagline is usually like a "permanent slogan" that is usually attached to the corporate image and goals business. The idea of ​​the tagline is to be creative, spontaneous and easy to remember.

Many taglines have become popular thanks to their easy virality and memory of the user. It is important to choose the message you want to convey well, and that it is in accordance with the objectives and business philosophy.

Some taglines are essential in some markets, as they try to differentiate some brands from others that are competitors in the same sector. Where they are most common in the technology, automotive, beauty products or fast food markets. However, any company can start to differentiate itself whether or not it uses a tagline.

Goals of a tagline

  • Strengthens the brand's positioning in the market in which it competes
  • Make known or highlight a quality or main objective of the company
  • Enhance the branding internal
  • Focus the essential qualities and enhance them, to transmit them to the users
  • Constantly reposition the brand and image of the company

Is it advisable to have a tagline?

Choosing a good tagline that will last over time, that meets the objectives of the company and adjusts to what it offers is not an easy task.

We must analyze the market in which we operate: how are the competitors, if they evolve over time, the environment (how it is and if it evolves), the preferences of our clients, trends, etc.

Knowing all this and valuing it, a tagline would help to reinforce the corporate image that you have from our company. As long as this is necessary, otherwise, the tagline will become another "blob" of the business brand.

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