What is a trade lien?

The trade embargo is an order that the Government carries out with the objective of limiting or prohibiting the commercialization of certain products, services or all of them in a country or group of countries.

El embargo Trade is the cause of existing political differences between countries, being a measure taken in retaliation by rival countries. In this way, countries have the freedom to sanction other countries through trade.

El incumplimiento del embargo comercial podría conllevar una serie de sanciones a los países que infrinjan la norma establecida.

What is the objective of the trade embargo?

The main objective, as has been indicated, is to be able to make effective political measures, especially in opposition to other countries.

However, it can also be used as a political measure against some countries that violate human rights. That is, it would be taken as a kind ofpunishment for non-compliance, forcing the appropriate measures to be taken in accordance with international treaties.

Who is affected by the trade embargo?

The scope of these limitations depends on the country that is embargoed. Depending on the conditions that have been established, the embargo will have certain limitations over others.

It is not the same an imposition of duty to a certain good (which may affect the industry of that good), than the violation of Human Rights, whose international retaliation may be greater.

As we have commented in the previous section, the fact that a country violates international treaties or Human Rights makes the severity of the sanction greater, eventually limiting the goods and services that are marketed between countries in a general way.

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