What is an agency?

Knowing fully all the economic concepts that exist to apply it to our company is not entirely easy. However, there are institutions or some entities that can help us to do so, when managing our company.

An agency helps individuals (autonomous) and companies offering management services to those who need it. The agency helps, primarily, to aspects of administrative management, while the advisory usually helps or advises on financial, labor and tax issues.

Normally, to exercise the role of manager, it is usually required that you have an official title (a University Degree in the area that supports your trade) and be part of the College of Administrative Managers (or the General Council of Administrative Managers of Spain ).

The concept of asesoría It differs from the agency in that it offers tax, financial, accounting and labor services, while the agency does not. Nowadays, the role of agencies and consultancies are usually complementary and offer joint services. The advisor is more inclined to provide personalized advice to his client, while the agency helps with practical questions and processing of client documents (whether self-employed or company).

What services do the agencies offer?

Among the most important services they offer:

  • Services of accounting and business billing.
  • Management to set up a business.
  • Services to help register and cancel the self-employed.
  • Help with the labor procedures of companies: from hiring, to registration or cancellation of Social Security, as well as the management of payroll and layoffs.
  • It helps to give presence of the company or the self-employed before the public administrations.
  • It informs and advises on the possible aid and subsidies that can be acquired.
  • Help with filing taxes in the Public administration tax (Spanish Tax Agency)
  • Additional services: inheritance processing, traffic or personal fines, administration licenses, etc.

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