What is an operational CRM?

When we talk aboutCRM(Customer Relationship Management), we refer to the set of objectives aimed at managing customer relationships. Technology, as well as the correct and proper functioning of the software, is essential for this task to be carried out.

Specifically, when we talk about operational or operational CRM, we refer to those tasks that provide customers with an optimal service through different means (e-mail, mobile phone, web, SMS, ...). Try to respond and create affective bonds with clients through the different means available to you. Therefore, being present in these media allows the company to offer a unified, personalized and coherent response with the objectives that it sets itself.

Features of operative CRM

In recent times, many modalities are being developed such as management by email, as well as personalized and close management. Through email it is possible to launch promotions to customers, offer them discounts and create relational links. It is also a good mechanism to get in more formal contact with him. Regarding personalized management, we highlight the use of mobile phones, apps and social networks to create more direct and personal contact with the user.

The following aspects must be taken into account:

  1. Technology platforms must be flexible, useful and easy to use by almost any company staff. It must be a unified system that is capable of giving answers without too many complications, solving any problem that arises and that it presents.
  2. In order to provide these solutions, it is essential that a database be created. The database can be supported by records from the (customer complaints, sales information, etc.), in timely investigations that we carry out and in existing data that can be used to create the database.

Nowadays, having an efficient, secure and self-administered database allows us to offer, based on good technological platforms, effective and timely solutions to the objectives that are set in the company, as well as being able to solve problems when necessary.

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