What is antidumping?

To begin with, we must know what the practice of commercial dumping means. He dumping it is about a supplier breaking the rules of one country in another by selling the products at a different price (usually lower). For this reason, it is an illegal practice: one country has the advantage of having the same products as another but lower. Well, antidumping are the measures that are taken into account to prevent this from happening and to fight against this injustice.

In order for legal recourse to be taken against it and to proceed with the investigation, it is necessary that there be an agency involved, such as the European Comission. Its main objective is to prevent discrimination on the prices of different products.

From the practitioner's point of view, their goal is to exercise a monopolistic position, trying to kick out the other local and international competitors. This, obviously, is usually prohibited in most countries, and especially in those of the UE.

Among some of the recommendations that we can offer to report any practice of this type are:

  • First of all, we must study whether the price difference from one country to another is a price dumping. The majority of cases is usually the currency exchange that intervenes in said difference.
  • We must also determine the real origin of the merchandise, know where it comes from, as well as its manufacturer. If the information is different from what we have verified, we can doubt. However, we have to bear in mind that there are no legal agreements in place for such dumping to exist (collaterally with an official body).
  • Ensure that there is a correct tariff classification: if later Customs observes that the classification is incorrect and the new tariff heading is subject to these measures, taxes may be settled later, damaging us economically.

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