What is awareness?

Awareness is an English word that refers to realizing or becoming aware of something. A translation of awareness into Spanish could be sensitization or awareness.

The awareness in digital marketing industry is associated with brand awareness, also known as brand awareness. This implies creating in the mind of the user an association, an identification and memories about the aspects of the brand. What brand awareness seeks is to achieve the first position in the customer's mind.

¿Cómo generar brand awareness?

Therefore, the meaning of awareness is linked to the user's ability to remember and identify a brand or various aspects related to it, its main objective being to become the first firm in the consumer's mind.

Here are several strategies to generate awareness:

  • Have a referral program: different studies support that people are four times more willing to make a purchase when advised by a friend. A good example can be the gift of credits for users who recommend the use of a service.
  • Use infographics: the image and the design facilitate communication between users and the brand in a differentiating way.
  • Use the Freemium format: this system is found on different platforms, where products or services are divided between free and paid.
  • Local linking: taking advantage of local events to present the brand in public, through event sponsorships or partnering with other firms to hold seminars.
  • Focus on a social network: it is important to focus efforts on a single social network, which will vary depending on the nature of each company.
  • Bet on originality: many brands are increasingly opting for creative, viral or scandalous measures to generate publicity.
  • Pay per click advertising: is another example of awareness widely used in the field of marketing. It allows the brand to be recognized in the top of the searches made by engines like Google.
  • Use remarketing: there are many possibilities of profit when you bet on converting, through retargeting website visitors into potential customers.

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