What is branded content?

The meaning of branded content is relevant, interesting or original content, with a non-advertising aspect and generated by a brand with the aim of creating an audience and connecting with the public. What is intended with the content provided is to implicitly transfer the values ‚Äč‚Äčassociated with the signature, even if it is relegated to the background. It is a strategy increasingly used in the marketing.

A translation of branded content into Spanish would be branded content.

What is the branded content of a brand?

Unlike conventional advertising, where it is intended to highlight the sales and benefits of the products in a creative way, branded content performs a process in reverse. In this case, it focuses on telling a personal story that connects with the public. And finally, an attempt is made to introduce the brand into the campaign through a creative way. We should not confuse branded content with content marketing, although they have some similarities.

Any video, image, game, application or content can be branded content, as long as the brand in question does not focus the campaign on the product.

Examples of branded content

There are several examples of branded content that will help you understand this concept a little better:

  • A short or video that tells a story: the brand is hardly appreciated. This is the case of the summer stories of Estrella Damm beer.
  • Healthy eating guide: that has the sponsorship of a drink or a brand of chocolates. In this case, the product is not being sold either.
  • A formative guide to Digital Marketing: in it an agency of digital marketing industry can provide informative content for the public that at no time induces to contract the services of this company.

Without a doubt, one of the great references of branded content is the Red Bull brand. In addition to sponsoring extreme sports, he was in charge of Felix Baumgartner's famous jump from the stratosphere. In this way, it manages to link the firm with adventure sports and at no time was it valued as an advertising action, although it adds value to potential consumers thanks to entertainment and emotions.

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