What is bureaucracy?

The economist Max Weber is the one who shaped the term we define today. Like any other term, the concept has evolved, as have its characteristics. We will tell you what it is.

Bureaucracy refers to a system of organization and / or rules by which a company is administered, manages and executes certain actions, processes or organizes. Rules are discussed to execute certain procedures necessary to achieve an objective.

Characteristics of the bureaucracy

Here you can find what are the fundamental features of the bureaucracy.

  • Regulations. The rules that must be followed must be set out in regulations, which must be followed for the proper business operation or the objective to be achieved.
  • Respect for hierarchies. Both at a functional level (in the case of a company) and steps to take in a process to achieve what you want.
  • Efficient and accurate communication. Speak with those responsible for each level and by the most appropriate means.
  • Follow the work rules. The established standards must be followed to achieve the goals raised. Stepping out of line can mean not being achieved.
  • The division of labor. The work or actions to be carried out must be divided to meet the objectives in the most efficient way possible.
  • Requirements for the position. In the case of a company, to exercise a position you must see the skills, qualities and studies of the employee and see which one suits her best.
  • Administration. The administration of the company must be divided so that it can be executed and managed in a faster way. This is usually done by areas or sectors.
  • Continuous training. The company will promote the training that the worker receives through the acquisition of knowledge thanks to new courses or skills that they learn.
  • Stock forecast. For the company to function properly, a study must be made of the possible actions to be taken to avoid internal and external conflicts.

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