What is business vision?

In business terms, the definition of vision refers to the goals and purposes that a company sets itself and that it hopes to achieve in the future. It consists of an ideal expectation, which shows the approach of what they want to be and achieve over time.

The objectives set by any business must be realistic and achievable, especially since what is pursued with the vision is a spirit of motivation. The definition of vision should help answer a series of questions, such as' What do I want to achieve? ',' Where do I want to be in the future? ',' Who will be my potential customers? ',' What will be the business volume? ' or 'Will I expand my scope?'

The vision reflects what is sought in the future trajectory of the company, setting a series of guidelines to follow in order to achieve the desired results.

Features of the view

The person in charge of defining the vision should be the executive team or the business leader. Based on the established guidelines, it can serve as a reference for the different actions of the workers, so that in the face of the possible options that could appear when carrying out the tasks, they would know which would be the strategies most in line with the definition of the company .

The concept of vision includes the most desired situation, but always working on a scenario that is as realistic as possible. It involves taking into account a series of aspects such as the conditions of the mercadoeconomic, technological and social that they will have to face over time, as well as the available resources.

The design of the vision will vary according to the type of company and the ambition that exists at the time of raising it. As for the achievement, an indefinite or specific period can be handled.

The term vision is also closely related to other business-related terms such as business misión and business values ​​and mission.

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