What is clickbait?

The term clickbait in Spanish is known as "ciberanzuelo" or "hook of clicks". It is used to refer to all those practices intended for users to access content that does not correspond to what is advertised, generally with the mere objective of obtaining advertising revenue with its consumption.

The clickbait is used to generate ingresos advertising, as we have indicated, although it can be done in multiple ways: through sensational advertisements or titles, low-quality content or with false expectations, excessive disclosure on social networks with a result that is not at all expected or less than what was thought to be achieved, etc. .

In general, the content created by clickbait is based on generating clicks, visits or reputation to an object, brand or service in order to generate the sufficient income that was expected. These visits or clicks are generated thanks to the fact that the user who consumes the content feels a priori a certain curiosity to see what it is, how it is ...

In this practice so far removed from the quality standards of the digital marketing industry, the elements that arouse curiosity in the content that is created can be very diverse. As we have already mentioned, the most common are sensational images or headlines that evoke the user's curiosity in a very peculiar way.

On platforms like YouTube, the latter is achieved through headlines for videos such as "You won't believe it, but ...", "I told my friends about this and see what happened ..." or the like. Although there are also other platforms where it is carried out: blogs, other social networks, etc.

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